The Conure Perch Aviary


The Conure Perch Aviary is a home-based aviary that solely specializes in breeding Green Cheek Conures that are hand-fed and raised.  Our goal is to produce healthy, tame, pet-quality birds that are ready for handling and interaction with their new owner and family. Check out the  gallery to view some of our birds featuring our unique hand-made bird and cage accessories.

Our parent birds, Canis a Pineapple male, and Cosmos our high red Yellow-Sided female, fly freely uncaged throughout the breeding season in their own indoor breeding room with controlled heat, humidity, and natural sunlight

Their daily year-round diet consists of fresh-cut fruits, vegetables, grains, quality seed w/dried fruit mix, and pellets which all the babies are eventually weaned onto. This provides the most natural environment for them to stay fit and healthy for producing the development of strong healthy clutches.

After nurturing their babies for the first 3 to 4 weeks of age the babies are pulled and then hand-fed and raised until fully weaned. Each baby is attentively cared for, handled, and interacted with on a daily basis by adults and children alike. This assures they are well adjusted and ready for the companionship of people of all ages. All our babies are kept fully winged for proper mental and physical development. Wings will not be clipped until first consulting with their new owner.

All this combined helps us achieve the result of healthy, well-adjusted baby Green Cheek Conures full of color and personality that have been developed into fully tame, and loving feathered companions.

 The Conure Perch Aviary operates on a first come first serve basis.  Please feel free to contact us for  price, availability, or any other questions you may have.